Mann’s new video compared with Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” in Mexico

Mann’s new single “Sin Aliento” is quickly climbing charts and becoming one of Mann’s favourite singles of all times, but the music video has been compared by many people with Miley Cyrus’ hit “Wrecking Ball”. Mexican newspaper SINTESIS called the comparison “an incoherent paradox” praising Mann’s music video for the raw and sincere concept. Mann joked in social media about these claims saying he doesn’t get it if he is “never dancing naked on a ball.”

The Mexican newspaper also talked about Mann’s success with and how that saved his post-label career. Reviewing the record, the newspapers referred of it as “a fusion of fine latin pop.”

“Sin Aliento” is now available on itunes. Get your copy here


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Mann comes clean on Sahagun Radio about social media attacks and the story of his new EP.

Mann premiered his highly anticipated EP Terra on “Zupralterno” at Sahagun Radio in Mexico confirming he will be on Canadian television, producing an online singing competition and in talks to tour China. Also he finally addressed all the rumours surrounding the exit of his record label and what is coming up in his career. When asked about his current relationship with Nurivan Reyes and Aedon Records he said it is all over.

“I will always be thankful with Aedon Records and even more with Nurivan. He was the one who gave me the opportunity to have a career. Without him I wouldn’t be here today. Unfortunately he did not reach out to me when I announced my departure,” Mann stated. “What I can say is that all of the attacking comments on social media had nothing to do with him.”

Mann talked about raising money on “It is really funny how it works. People I didn’t even know helped out. It was a beautiful process and probably the future of the music industry when the money comes back to the artist.”

About working with Murray, he said he had a blast “It was the first time I worked full-time on a record. So we got to be more particular about the production. I wanted a raw record to show a new side of me. A personal side of me. I don’t believe in pretty art, I believe in art that makes you feel something.” Mann also made a joke about the Spanish songs “Murray did learn Spanish! When I was recording vocals he would mumble what he thought the words were and it was so funny! At the end he actually came together with the actual words.”

Mann said he is dealing with paperwork to start his tour in China and he plans to go to Mexico to present Terra.

Watch his new music video right here:

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Mann will speak up after Nurivan Reyes’ label departure on Sahagun Radio

Mann has confirmed to launch his highly anticipated label-free EP “TERRA” at Sahagun Radio next January 17th. The Canadian singer will talk for the first time to media since he parted ways with Nurivan Reyes’ Aedon Records.

At the show “Zupralterno” hosted by Arnulfo Vázquez, Mann plans to clear out all rumours regarding the supposed attacks and threats he suffered after leaving Aedon and his current working relationship with Nurivan Reyes.  Also, he will talk about how his fans raised the money to keep his career up and running at

Mann will present his EP “Terra”, which is the most personal record he has ever released and promises a vulnerability he is never shown before.

Don’t miss the interview at 6 pm Pacific/8 pm Central on January 17th 2014.

MANN starts 2014 with “therapeutic” EP

Mann starts off the year with his first label-free record funded by and he wants to share all of the details. The release date is January 15 exclusively for Pledgers on the website, but the single will be launched the same day with the music video “Sin Aliento”. The EP is “very personal and therapeutic”, according to Mann. It includes duets with Mary Douglas and Tania Geller and it was produced by Murray Yates


The song is Mann’s third Spanish single overall. Stay tuned for more details.