Mann set to release a Special Edition of LAVA+TERRA

Mann’s label Bux Records confirmed the release of a special edition that contains the first two EP’s of Mann titled Lava+Terra. The album will hit stores for Pre-Order at the end of February and it will contain the 10 tracks produced by Murray Yates and a bonus track, which is Mann’s current single “Drug Of Choice”.

Here is the album cover and tracklist:

1. From The Start

2. Shadow

3. Frozen Solid

4. The Door

5. Black Cage

6. Dust is All You Left

7. Sin Aliento

8. Circles (Feat. Mary Douglas)

9. Spicy

10. Llueve Cristal (Feat. Tania Geller)

11. Drug Of Choice


Mann: I was losing myself

Mann had his first interview in months at Sahagun Radio’s Zupralterno in which he presented his upcoming EP Aqua and talked about recent projects including reality television series The Audience and the recent season of The Cyber Academy.

Mann also explained he decided to take his time to work on the EP and live a fairly normal life since he didn’t get to have one since he started touring when he was 18 years old: “It was important for me to have some time off and have a schedule of some sort. Going to work, the gym, recording the EP on my terms, feeling like I wasn’t rushed to go on the road or get a record out. I was losing myself. I was at my ending rope on the last tour I did.”

He said there are no current plans for a second season of The Audience, but he is thankful the show let people see who he is: “I feel the show allowed people to see who I am in real life, when singing or acting isn’t involved. It was cool to hear some fans down in Mexico and the U.S. got to see it as well. The show is good and it deserves to be seen in more places.”

Mann also shared his experience working in The Cyber Academy as a producer and judge: “It was a lot of work. These shows take so much of you. That said, I am all about supporting new talent. The winner, Ildiko Jane Kelly, is an incredible artist and I am very proud of her. Sam Griffin, Thomas, Maya Rae, Mike, all of those kids are so talented. It makes me really happy to see how the show gave them a weekly space to share what they can do and how much they improved from the beginning. Now season 4 of the Spanish one is coming and I am going to be taking a new role on this one.”

Mann debuted three songs: “Fading Pictures”, “Until the end of Time” and a cover of Moenia’s “Manto Estelar”, showcasing a new direction in the EDM realm: “I am super proud of this EP. I feel it is very fresh. We wanted to capture sounds that resemble water, or being underwater. So Murray (Yates) and I would sit for a long time listening to hundreds of beats until finding the perfect one. EDM music has a fairly simple structure but getting the right overall sound is quite an art.”

Mann said he is planning to release Aqua in April and he is working on a new music video.

Mann’s “Drug of Choice” is available now!

Mann released the leading single of his upcoming EP Aqua, debuting the track on his VEVO Channel.

Mann stated the song is about going back to someone who is bad news. “And I don’t mean this as a dating situation. It’s about great chemistry in the sack. Sometimes people just click,” he elaborated.

You can get the song here

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New single “Drug of Choice” due January 22nd!

Mann is finalizing his upcoming EP Aqua and the lead single is titled “Drug Of Choice” due January 22nd. The song was co-written with Murray Yates. Mann let fans vote for his favourite art cover for the single, designed by Alberto Molina.

Mann will have a busy 2015 after announcing he will be part of the cast of La Cyber Academia IV. 

Mann performs in the finale of “The Cyber Academy”

After serving as a judge for the first season of the online show, Mann will perform a surprise song this Sunday October 12th on the final episode.

Mann has done an excellent job with the project also behind the scenes, as a producer.

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Mann releases “Circles” as new single

Mann confirmed via Facebook his new single is “Circles”, a duet with British Columbia’s Mary Douglas. A music video directed by Mann himself and shot by cinematographer Charles de Jesus was produced. It features what it seems a couple going through some relationship issues.

The song has been one of the favourites of Terra and it is the last single of the EP. You can get your copy here.

Mann will serve as a judge in new show!

Mann will be a judge on the North American version of the popular online show The Cyber Academy. Along Theo Tams, Canadian Idol winner, and Javia Selina from the trio The Selinas, Mann will evaluate on a weekly basis the performances of the 16 contestants that will compete to become the ultimate winner, earning a single produced by Murray Yates.

The auditions are open now, you can register at