Mann performs for 80,000 at Zocalo, Mexico City


Mann performed under the rain last Saturday for 80,000 screaming fans in a massive show celebrating diversity at historical Zocalo, Mexico City. The only other Vancouverite that has stepped on that stage opening for Justin Beiber is “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen.

In an interview at the venue Mann talked about the experience:

“I am glad to be here singing. I am a true believer in free love. Coming from Canada, I want to show Mexico that other places are here to show their support. It’s a true honour to share my music with thousands of people.”

Mann has only one show left before wrapping his “Lava Tour” next Saturday July 6 in Sahagun, Hidalgo.

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Mann: As Latinos we should never feel we’re worth less.

Joffery Hollsworth 2012In a recent interview for Sahagun Radio with Arnulfo Vazquez in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mann spoke encouraging words for Latinos across the world, mainly those that are immigrants.

“We should never feel we’re worth less. Culture sometimes makes us believe that we should behave within certain stereotypes and because of that we cannot do the same things as people from “the first world”. But that isn’t true. I can make as good art as any other artist from anywhere in the world.”

Mann also spoke about his childhood growing up in Mexico, and how his family didn’t have much.

“My parents taught me to work for what I want. Nothing was given to me in a silver plate. They struggled a lot financially when I was growing up and I am thankful for that. I appreciate what I have and I guard it with my life.”

The interview shifted when he was asked about the recent loss of his grandfather.

“My grandpa was a great man and I am thankful I spent time with him during the last month of his life. I miss him, but in this business I can’t just stop everything. It’s part of the sacrifices I have to make as an artist. The show must go on.”

Mann will be performing an acoustic show in Hidalgo for select fans in July 6.


Mann ready for live show online

Sean Reilly 2012

Mann is ready to perform tomorrow at Tequesquitengo’s exclusive Barko Disco Lounge for his Lava Tour, which will be streamed live on Alcances y Poder. Directed by visionary Ignacio Fentanes, the show features Mann’s hits in a contemporary audio-visual spectacle with theatrical elements.

Watch it live at 11 pm Central Time, 9 pm Pacific Time following this link.




Mann did call Carly Rae Jepsen

carly and mann

Mann just wrapped an interview at famous Mexican Morning Radio show PACOmenzar hosted by Paco Lalas and German Russ, in which he presented his new single “The Door”. The singer told them that he did meet worldwide sensation Carly Rae Jepsen a few years back in Vancouver.

“We released our first albums around the same time, I gave her mine and she gave me hers, it was funny. This was of course back in the day when she was starting out. Vancouver’s music scene is fairly small.”

Mann also revealed he is related to Mexican celebrities Tin Tan, El Loco Valdez and popstar veteran Chirstian Castro.

“All the Valdez’s are my grandpa’s cousins, so I might have a bit of the artist bug from them.”

The interview was filmed for Mann’s documentary, which will be the first feature about his life.

MANN filming a documentary about his life in Mexico.

Joffery Hollsworth 2012

Lately things seem to go very well for Mann, and now he will get to share them with his first full lenght documentary. As he confirmed in his interview at Gritaradio this afternoon, the pop singer is filming a documentary of his tour that will be turned into an hour-long feature directed by Mexican filmmaker Gerardo J. García.

Mann also talked about his new EP and how this is the first of a collection of four, each one representing an element of nature. Mann said that he wants to record the second one Terra completely in Spanish during his stay in Mexico.

Mann will be on Thursday at Paco Lalas show in Blogdfm at 10 am Central and 8 am Pacific.

Mann’s Lava Tour to be Streamed Live on Youtube

Mann - Lava-1

Mann’s VIP show at Barco Disco Lounge on Tequesquitengo, Morelos will be broadcast live through Youtube, according to Aedon Records. The show is a special event of Mann’s Lava Tour launched at the boat-turned-nightclub.

Mann visited the locations to film a local commercial for the event and seemed excited with the news.

“I had no idea they were broadcasting it, this is great for everyone in Canada or other parts of Mexico that can’t see the tour. Thank you to everyone making this possible. I am looking forward to this show.”

Don’t miss Mann’s show next June 8th in Tequesquitengo.

Mann is considering a role in a Soap Opera.


Mann visited the studios of Cuernavaca’s morning talk show Konexión to promote his new EP and his new single and video for “The Door”. The hostess asked Mann if he would considered a role in a Soap Opera, and after a giggle he replied:

“I haven’t seen many, but it would be interesting to let my dramatic side out.”

After that declaration on television, Mann could indeed take on a soap opera project debuting as an actor in Mexico, although he claimed to be more interested in singing at the moment.

Mann will be performing a show in Tequesquitengo’s Lake in Morelos next June 8th. All the details can be found here.



LAVA is out now!

Mann - Lava-1


After a long wait Mann’s brand new EP Lava is now available on iTunes and digital stores. Don’t fogret to rate 5 stars when you purchase it! Click on the picture to get your copy.


Mann Announces Official Tracklist

Mann - Lava-1

Mann’s highly anticipated EP will hit stores May 20, but the singer is giving us a scoop into what’s coming by revealing via instagram the official tracklist:

1. From The Start

2. Shadow

3. Frozen Solid

4. The Door

5. Black Cage

Mann also confirmed a Special Mexican Edition to be sold at his shows including 4 Bonus tracks:

6. The Sun Goes Down, The Moon Will Rise

7. Forever

8. Lights

9. Epilogue

Síntesis: Mann arrives in Mexico with new album.


Mann was recently featured in newspaper Síntesis, in which they mention Mann’s arrival in Mexico City surrounded by fans. Mann will be promoting his new EP Lava due May 20. The Canadian Pop singer also will be releasing Special Edition o the EP with four bonus tracks.

Mann is set to attend several radio and television shows in the upcoming months, as well as perform in several cities in Mexico.

Proudly Mexican, Mann represented Mexico in PuSh the International Theatre Festival in Vancouver, acting in the play Qualia.

His new single “The Door” climbed the iTunes charts in Canada, making Mann one of the most successful Latin Americans in Canada.

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