From The Start in Stores Now!

Mann released today his highly anticipated single “From The Start.” He performed live in Morning talk show Televanta in which he was praised for being one of the successful Mexicans outside of the Country. In the interview he also announced he will be visiting Radio stations and Television shows to drop of his out-of-the-oven rock tune, besides performing for a charity show in the State of Mexico.

Mann also visited FM Radio to drop off his new single and he was asked about working with producer Murray Yates and to clear the rumours of “From The Start” as a bonus track in a Deluxe edition of Ecstasy, Mann came clean with the release of the new song.

“I am in preproduction for a next album, and “From The Start” will be one of the songs included for sure. But Ecstasy just came out this year, so we will continue with some promotion for both the new single and the album. This song is a preview of where I’m heading and I wanted to release it now because I felt it was time to reboot my career.”

Although the announcement of a new record raised new questions such as a producer, album titles, and new songs, Mann didn’t say much.

“I want Murray Yates again. I want my musicians from Mexico and I have ideas for songs and album titles. I can’t confirm anything yet.”

To get “From The Start” on itunes, just click on the picture.

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