Mann: As Latinos we should never feel we’re worth less.

Joffery Hollsworth 2012In a recent interview for Sahagun Radio with Arnulfo Vazquez in Hidalgo, Mexico, Mann spoke encouraging words for Latinos across the world, mainly those that are immigrants.

“We should never feel we’re worth less. Culture sometimes makes us believe that we should behave within certain stereotypes and because of that we cannot do the same things as people from “the first world”. But that isn’t true. I can make as good art as any other artist from anywhere in the world.”

Mann also spoke about his childhood growing up in Mexico, and how his family didn’t have much.

“My parents taught me to work for what I want. Nothing was given to me in a silver plate. They struggled a lot financially when I was growing up and I am thankful for that. I appreciate what I have and I guard it with my life.”

The interview shifted when he was asked about the recent loss of his grandfather.

“My grandpa was a great man and I am thankful I spent time with him during the last month of his life. I miss him, but in this business I can’t just stop everything. It’s part of the sacrifices I have to make as an artist. The show must go on.”

Mann will be performing an acoustic show in Hidalgo for select fans in July 6.


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