Mann: Doing art the way others want it would make me a pointless artist.

Mann announced last month the name of his highly anticipated EP Lava and let fans listen to one of the songs named “Shadow”, which shows a clear departure of Mann’s previous albums. The singer from Vancouver, B.C. opened up about his life and what can be found in his upcoming effort. Mann had a webcam interview with the website Aedon Music about what’s coming and opened up his heart like he never did before.

Aedon Music: Why Lava?

Mann: Because it’s fire, it’s heat, it kills what’s old. That’s my music.

AM: What are you killing?

Mann: Who I was. I spent too much time trying to please others but myself. I reached a point in my life in which I wanna be selfish for once, this EP is entirely selfish.

AM: And what do you talk about in the songs?

Mann: I talk about a broken heart. About being used by people because I’m a nice guy. This record talks about all the darkness that has been boiling inside of me. Now it’s erupting in this EP.

AM: Great time to do art, right?

Mann: Yes. Pain did the trick. People really disappointed me in the past year, so the songs emerged organically. I’ve always been a very reserved person, and when I finally started to open up to people [they] really slapped me in the face. I don’t think I have ever experienced so much pain before, of how someone you trust entirely can pretend you never existed.

AM: Is Lava about love then? You had clear messages in your previous records, what’s the message in this one?

Mann: I guess the message is that I had to get through all of this pain to really get to who I am as an artist and as a person. I devoted my life to always behave the way I was supposed to while fighting to reach my dreams. I experimented a lot musically in my first three records, fooling around with different styles and I’m proud of what came out of it. Now, after tasting a bit of everything I found my path. My musical journey is also my personal journey. In Mexico I was always living up to expectations, even as a little kid. The eldest brother, the eldest grandson, doing good in school. Later on, pressure of getting married, or working an office job and having a “real career”. So doing art the way others want it would make me a pointless artist. I shut everyone’s mouth by following my dreams, and I’m really proud about that. No one is living my life but me.

AM: You have certainly changed since last time we spoke. What’s the favourite song of the EP?

Mann: Well, they are all my favourite somehow. “From The Start” sums up that need to reinvent myself. “Shadow” has actually a pretty cool story behind. I went to Seattle last december in this trip trying to get inspired by a new city, new art, and to get a different air. I went with my best friend at the time, and I had one of the best days of my life. Then, after exploring Seattle, and before meeting up with a friend of mine that lives there, we sat down on the common area of the Hostal and I wrote the song.

AM: You actually stayed in a Hostal?

AM: Well, yes. It was my friend’s idea, actually. I shared the room with five randoms. It was creepy, but cheap. (Laughs) Anyway, the point is, I was looking for answers about where my life was heading. I needed some sort of a journey to reconnect with me, because I certainly didn’t know who I was up to that point. So that shadow represented the expectations, the fears. Now I got this song.

AM: “Shadow” is certainly very different from your previous music. Is the entire EP like that?

Mann: The songs are definitely darker songs. Each one has a particular voice. Another one I mentioned before is called “The Door” and it is very electro-rock like “From The Start”. Other songs have strings by Vancouver Symphony Orchestra members, and they created an amazing atmosphere. My voice is also way more exposed than before. I sang from the heart, ’cause I really connect with the lyrics.

AM: You had a production made entirely in Vancouver, right? Did that changed things?

Mann: It did, mainly ’cause I had time to do it! Before we were always rushed, ’cause when I went to Mexico I was touring, and promoting music while recording. Days were long and exhaustive. Now I took quite a few months to do the EP. We have been polishing the songs. Murray [Yates] has really helped me out to get the best of the songs. He is one of the most dedicated producers I’ve ever met. And what I love is having Vancouver talent on board, you know? I think we as a city have a lot to offer in the music industry. We all should help each other.

AM: When is the EP gonna be out? You keep having us waiting.

Mann: I have no release date yet. I want to promote it and my schedule is insanely busy at the moment. Beginning of 2013, hopefully late 2012. I want to slowly release the songs every month or so for people to hear them in advance. I’m in talks for a music video too. I’m working lots right now, getting everything ready.

AM: And the duet? What’s going on? Is it happening or not?

Mann: The singer we invited is interested. We are just waiting for people in between and paperwork. I am remaining positive, it would be an honor to perform with her.

AM: Thanks Mann, anything else?

Mann: Fans, you’re the blood that keeps my artistic heart pumping. I love you all, and your support. This EP is a game-changer. I know it.

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