Mann published in Publimetro

Mann got published in Mexican’s newspaper Publimetro. Here’s a translation:

To continue the promotion of his musical career, the canadian singer Mann (who was born in Mexico) will have two shows in Mexico City this weekend. His new album “Ecstasy” shows his evolution as an artist.

“I’m back in Mexico with my third studio album called “Ecstasy”, which is now in ¬†online stores. We’re promoting the first single “Lights””, he said in an interview with Notimex.

Mann started to win over the Mexican market after years of working. “I’m slowly growing as an artist. It’s been four years since I got signed to an Independent label and I feel I am more mature now.”

He mentioned the opportunities that both Canada and Mexico have offered him during his career are one of the reasons of his success. “I’m one of the few Latin American artists in Canada and that certainly helps , this new record “Ecstasy” is getting to a point of musical maturity as well.”

Mann said that the evolution is not only personal but also musical “I started in an Electro-pop direction and now I’m incorporating rock . I wrote short stories for the lyrics of each song, actually other guest writers created their own interpretation of the songs.”

According to the artist, those stories will be published over time on the internet, and give a different meaning to each of the songs. “I am totally involved in the development of both the stories and the music. I got the chance to work with talented producers; they helped me giving a meaning to each of the songs.”

Mann invited the audience to come to his shows during this weekend. The one on Saturday, in a musical venue in the South of Mexico City, will include a line-up of other talented independent artists. “My goal is to penetrate on the radio in both countries, the challenge is that the markets of Canada and Mexico are extremely different.”

He concluded saying visiting Mexico is not easy for him because he moved to Canada years ago, “I have considered creating music that would work only in Canada’s market, but I’m getting to a point in which I prefer to keep the essence of my roots and my Mexican culture and share it with my people when I come to Mexico.”

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