Mann reveals single cover and tells all behind From The Start

Mann reveals exclusively on his website the single cover of From The Start and talks about the song and the story behind it. Mann opened up to answer the questions of the departing song from his early musical style.

When did you write From The Start?

From the Start is a song I am extremely proud of. I originally wrote it back in 2009 and I wanted it to be in my last two records but it didn’t really match the style of music we were going for, so I kept saving it waiting for the right time to direct my music into a more rock path. Then I got to work with Murray Yates, and after listening to his work I knew he could turn this song into gold.

What is the song about?

To me FTS talks about a new beginning and taking all the lessons I learned in the past to become a better version of myself.

How was it working with Murray Yates?

Amazing! He is so talented and such a nice guy. I was nervous for working with the lead singer of Forty Foot Echo, who knew I would have that opportunity! He really listened to my idea and brought so much to the table. I am more than grateful to him. He’s the Godfather of the new direction of Mann and I am really hoping he could produce my next album.

Why going into a rock path after three pop albums?

I started making music in a rock band, and all my demos from previous songs have always been slightly rock-oriented. If you listen to the demo I made for Beg, it was this obscure-depressing song. To me it feels more like I’m ready to take chances into this musical direction. Ecstasy actually has more rock in it, the songs Volvi A Donde Empece and Remind Me are definitely not pop tunes. When I started out, pop music suited me well because I was still in my teens and it reflected my personality and what I was going through at the time. Power-ballads like Sol and Epilogue are showing that musical maturity, but now with From The Start it feels almost like the explosion. All these records took me to this moment.

Are you worried that this risk might make you lose some fans?

No. I think my fans are digging this music, because my music has always been changing. Every record sounds very different from the previous one and my singles are a dance tune, and then a folk acoustic song, and then a ballad… it’s not like I have always been married to a musical style.

This is the first time you work without the talented crew from Mexico and Aedon Records, what’s going on with them?

Aedon Records is evolving, and I see the label is getting amazing talent on board. I was one of the first artists they had and I think they are happy for me and my transition into adulthood. When you’re indie you have still lots of flexibility and I am glad Aedon is letting me do that. Nurivan is actually mixing and mastering the single, so they are still involved. It was healthy for everyone, and I am excited to go to Mexico in October and play this song live with them. The logo of Aedon is a bird, so I guess I’m a clear example of a bird flying away from the nest, but always knowing where home is.

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