MANN: Shadow is weird, bizarre and unstable.


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Mann will be releasing the third single of his EP Lava, which features a sound that departs far away from his early years. Mann spoke to Sahagun Radio exclusively about the release, which will be available on iTunes on September 29. Here are some highlights from the interview.

SR: So which one will be your next single?

MANN: “Shadow” was one of the crowd favourites of Lava and we decided to release it because it really sets what I want for my future music to sound like. This is the last single of the EP and I really want it to represent the direction I’m heading into.

SR: There is a lot of darkness and a side of you that not many have seen in Lava, “Shadow” is like a trance, what’s the story behind it?

MANN: It’s certainly not the most catchy song like “The Door”, it is more weird, bizarre, and unstable. That’s what I love about it. It is pure madness almost, and it doesn’t need to be all loud and crazy to communicate that. It’s a song that talks about a journey with yourself. You will always have a shadow following you. It’s about being in peace with it.

SR: The sound is highly influenced by the early work of Murray Yates, what would you say is coming for the next EP?

MANN: I am listening a lot to 90’s bands like Garbage, Nirvana. I wanna find that perfect balance between rock and EDM. My old single “Lights” was for sure the most-wanted song through the tour, so I want to give people more music to dance to without losing the rock roots. I feel like I’m out of a really dark tunnel, so I wanna write a more light-hearted record. But there will be guitars.

“Shadow” will be available on iTunes and digital stores on September 29, 2013.


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