Mann starts 2013 with new single, EP, theatre debut and new show!


Mann took a year off to work on his music, but according to the Canadian papi is ready to get back to work. The singer listed what is ahead for 2013, and naps are out of the question. Mann, you abandoned your career this year to focus on your life. Do you feel it’s gonna be hard to get back?

Mann: Of course not! I mean, I have projects coming so I’m not too concerned. I’m sure fans will love this new stage of my career. What’s coming? You have your EP that you keep pushing back, and what else?

Mann: Yes, the EP is coming out in spring for sure. I am releasing the new single for this record on February. It’s called “The Door” and it’s another great tune full of anger. What about your theatre debut?

Mann: Yes, Qualia is coming out on January 31st. Tickets are on sale and almost sold out, it’s exciting. Then I am going to be a mentor on the new season of The Cyber Academy and there is a television project I’m working on as well here in Canada. Well, then I don’t see why you should be worried.

Mann: I’m not. I will be touring Mexico for the release of the record during spring and summer as well! Can’t wait to go back to do what I love.

Mann will release his new single “The Door” on February 2013, although no official announcement has been made from his record label.


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