Mann: “‘The Door’ is about disappointment”

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Mann recently sat down with to talk about his new single. Our favourite Mexican papi made pretty bold statements about the story behind his comeback single “The Door”

Aedonmusic: Excited for the release I bet, tell us about “The Door”

Mann: It’s a pretty dark song, it is full of rage. It is about disappointment. It talks about that time in life when you keep giving opportunities to someone that keeps disappointing you. Being at the door is a metaphor for keep letting that person back into your life even though they don’t deserve it.

Aedonmusic: What was the driving motor of this song?

Mann: Life itself I guess. I think we all at some point in life give our everything for someone without getting anything back. But human relationships are about giving and receiving, not only giving.

Aedonmusic: Your lyrics say “I picked up all the pieces of this mirror and I cured all the open wounds”. Who are we talking about?

Mann: I’m not gonna give any names! It’s about many people, you know, they took advantage of that tendency I have to help people even when they don’t deserve it at all.

Aedonmusic: The song was produced by Murray Yates and it has a similar sound to “From The Start”, is it safe to say you’re all about electro-rock now?

Mann: My project is like a chameleon. I like to flirt with musical genres, but the truth is I don’t believe in musical genres.

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