Mann to release Christmas single on his 25th birthday

This morning, Aedon Records confirmed Mann as one of the artists included in the label’s Christmas collection album. Mann is expected to release a song titled “That Day of December” in his birthday, November 26. The singer told the story behind the song he wrote himself and that will be produced by Nurivan Reyes. Here’s the interview.

AM: Mann, you have an album coming up. How did the Christmas collaboration happen?

MANN: The label planned this release a while ago. I didn’t even know the release date for my album at the time. I think this tune is one of the few originals of the record, actually. It is not part of my upcoming EP, though. It’s my gift for all the fans after this 5 years of career.

AM: What is the song about? You called it “That Day o December”, which day of the month are you talking about?

MANN: It’s an acoustic song about one of the most beautiful days of my life, which happened to be in December. I wanted to do a song that had to do with Christmas, but not snow, presents and all of those cliches. I feel that Christmas is about connections, about spending time with people you love.

AM: Who are you talking about?

MANN: It will remain a mystery (laughs). I mean, it doesn’t matter who, what matters is what the song means to me and the people that identifies with it.

AM: Are you ready for your upcoming EP release?

MANN: The EP is pretty much ready. We should start the year with a new single and music video, then the tour in Mexico. I am thrilled with what we have. I have my theatre debut at PuSh in a show called QUALIA in January. There are a couple of other projects I was recently called for, so I am just finding time to do everything right. This EP means a lot to me.

Get MANN’s new Christmas single “That Day of December” on his 25th birthday, November 26!

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