Mann’s shocking interview about music and Danish television.

Mann recently finished the promotional tour in support of his new single “From The Start” and in an Internet radio interview before his departure from Mexico, he opened up about his plans with music. The singer said after watching the reality series he worked on during summer, his life would never be the same.

“I got the privilege of working as part of the crew of a danish television show, in which I got to see a side of Mexico that blew my mind away. That experience changed the way I see my people and my own life. It is incredible how television allowed me to see something that would affect so deeply my career.”

Mann said he got to sleep in shelters and small towns from Mexico, although he was never on camera. The Vancouverite also considered “stupid” being asked why the producers didn’t give him a role in the show, called Paradise Tur Retur, and that currently airs on TV3 in Denmark.

“The fact that I sing doesn’t mean I need to be the center of attention all the time. As I said many times, I love working in television and film as part of a production crew. It’s stupid to say I needed a role in the show because that’s not even the point. The show is about other people from Denmark getting to know the poverty in Mexico. It has nothing to do with me, or my career. I love talking about it because the show is amazing, and its message has depth.”

When asked about new music, Mann said he wants to take his time to produce his fourth album.

From The Start is doing amazingly well. I am so happy I took the chance to shift my music into this direction. I am still writing new songs. I have lots, but I wanna pick the best ones. I always worked under a deadline for the albums. This time I rather take longer and produce something worth listening than rush it.”

After being asked about the disappointing sales for Ecstasy, and the cancellation of the physical release in Mexico, an upset Mann defended his third record.

“It just came out this year. Lights didn’t have a music video and still we got great achievements. The Sun Goes Down, The Moon Will Rise is doing amazingly well in radio internet and we didn’t even release it officially as a single. The last two records got heavy promotional tours and investment we didn’t have for Ecstasy. Now that I came back with From The Start, I am also promoting the record and we are starting to see the results.”

Mann said he is in talks with Murray Yates to have him back as a producer, but denied that considers Canadian talent better than Mexican or the other way around.

“The whole world has talented people. It’s not a matter of Countries. Murray is an incredible producer and so is Nurivan, and Hector Adrian, and every single person I had the privilege to work with in the past five years. I built a career thanks to the talented people that believed in me in Mexico. Murray and I are in talks to get a new album together. I will find out when I get back to Vancouver and I will announce it when the time is right.”

Mann said he will be focusing on his personal life once he gets back to Vancouver and get in the right mindset to create new music.


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