Revamped Mann to preview new song at Finale of The Cyber Academy 2012.

Mann started 2012 with several projects outside the spotlight. After a promotional tour for his current single From The Start, the Mexican-Canadian singer announced he would be focusing on his new record, as well as working for an online show set to discover emerging talent from Spanish-speaking countries called The Cyber Academy 2012.

In a recent interview, Mann said he will be showing a new song for his upcoming album, set to be released sometime in 2012, in the Finale of the online show.

“I talked with the producers of the show, and I will be showing a new song for the first time in the Finale. Also I think is good for the contestants to see my work and why I was chosen as their mentor.”

Mann also gave away a few details of his fourth album.

“I’m recording with Murray right now. We have dark, powerful songs, with driving beats and obscure melodies. This record is pure electro-rock and shows how much I’m maturing as an artist. The new look matches this new grownup Mann. I’m not a teenager anymore and the life experiences I had since Ecstasy are life changers for sure. We are considering releasing the record as an EP, but nothing is set in stone just yet.”


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