Highlights of Mann Live at Expresa Radio

Here are the highlights of Mann’s radio interview.

Host: Today we are with Mann, a mexican who is now canadian ’cause he lives in Vancouver. How is it over there? You were saying you guys have a lot of water.

Mann: Yep, we do have lots of water, and the second best sushi in the world. I have to admit, we don’t have good Mexican food, I’m eating tacos every day here in Mexico, I swear.

Host: Well, and how have you been treated over there? What are the challenges of your music career in Canada?

Mann: Luckily I am one of the few Latin American artists over there, so that makes things easier. The Independent talent in Vancouver is mind-blowing, though. Because I don’t have a huge Latin community to support me over there I have to write music thinking in Canada more than Mexico sometimes.

Host: Well, you do have some spanish songs like “Olvidado”, which did pretty well on radio, right? Why not sticking to the English or the Spanish?

Mann: I would love a whole spanish album. The problem is connecting with people through lyrics in Canada, because of the language barrier. I have the accent going, but they can still get the idea of my music if I keep it in English. I do keep as my authenticity the “spanglish”, I love using awkward phrases in English that would make Canadians think twice about what I just said.

Host: Well, you have three albums out, how do you feel about that?

Mann: “Ecstasy” is the new baby. It’s a great feeling making it this far. I mean, I’ve been working for four years now, and I’m blessed for having the chance of continue making music. That’s mainly because of the fans. They are the ones who keep me alive.

Host: What is the difference in between “Ecstasy” and the previous albums?

Mann: Well, basically the name comes out of a moment of great pleasure… musically speaking of course. The first two albums were more personal and a fusion of different sounds. “Ecstasy” goes for an edgier electro rock. But still my music keeps always simplicity as a current element, which defines my sound in a way.

Host: Are the songs of “Ecstasy” based on your life experiences?

Mann: Not at all. The song “Karma” might be the exception, but all the songs are short stories. Actually amazing talent, both Canadian and Mexican, wrote stories based on the songs for the release of the album. The idea is trying to combine the music with other artistic areas as well.

Host: What is “Karma” about, then?

Mann: Well, back in the day I used to have a great friend who started dating the girl I really liked. The song talks about how the way you treat people might hit you back later in life. It’s about this whole metaphor we have in Canada called Karma is a bitch.

Host: Ouch, so you people out there: don’t steal bff girlfriends!

Mann: Yeah, you might get a song about you later in life.

Host: So you said your album fusions other artistic areas, do you do anything else besides music? We heard that you’ve written fifteen novels and scripts!

Mann: I have. I can’t just do one thing. I’ve written tons of stories, my biggest one is a series of five seasons called “Twin Souls.” I wrote over a hundred episodes for that show. I also work in the film industry, both in front and behind cameras.

Host: That story sounds amazing! What is the style of your stories?

Mann: Usually magic realism. I like to set everyday characters dealing with supernatural situations, which exaggerate a social issue.

Host: That’s amazing Mann. Good for you! And tell me, what is the story told in one of your new songs?

“Forever” for example is a story about a hopeful young woman who is told by her boyfriend, which is a sailor, that he’ll come back for her. The song covers different stages as she slowly turns her emotions of love into complete hate, and yet she stays in the beach waiting for him, but he never comes back.

Host: That’s quite sad. It’s a neat idea. Well Mann, where can we find this album?

Mann: Right now is on sale in every internet store, like itunes. You can visit my website mannofficial.com or follow me on twitter at manuelcuevas.

Host: Mann we wish you lots of success, thanks for coming!

Mann: Thank you for having me here!





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