Mann switches labels

Mann has an important announcement regarding the future of his music career:

To all my fans:

First of all I’m blessed by having all of your support and love, and continue to be by my side on this adventure. To me an artist needs to reinvent and challenge himself in order to survive. After years of working hard in the Independent music industry I’ve come to a point in which the direction of my music and my goals as a recording artist are different from my starting point, and that’s part of the deal.

I’m proud of the three albums I have released and thankful with all of the people that have helped me in any way to keep going with my music. After four years of service and fulfilling my contract with Aedon Records, an extraordinary label full of talented people, I have decided to close a chapter in my career and to start a new one independently. Keeping the Aedon legacy I am now in charge of my own record label in Canada, partnered with CEO Mr. Nurivan Reyes.

This change, and this new label called Aedon Canada allows me to be in complete control of my musical direction and frees me of any obstacle for my career choices. Moreover, it will allow me to support emerging talent in Canada and Latin Americans around the world.

I am extremely excited to be now in charge of my career and I’m sure that this change is for the better. The promotion of my third album Ecstasy continues. I have big surprises coming up, so this doesn’t mean my career is over.

On the contrary, I can proudly say that my career starts now.

Thanks for the love,

da Mann.

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