Mann chosen to be in “Best of Latin Indie” Album!

It is a bright day for Mann. The singer’s recent hit “From The Start” (Currently #6 Nationally in Latin Charts of Reverbnation) was chosen to be part of compilation album  Alebrije, featuring the Best of Indie Music in Latin AmericaThe album will be released on June 4 in digital stores and music stores in Mexico.

Mann will share credits with some of the best artists of Latin America such as rock band Mole Bute, Nurivan, and season 9 La Academia’s finalist Tadeo Bustamante.

Since the release as a single last October, FTS has earned success in the independent scene in Mexico. Grita Radio’s placed Mann’s song as the #9 best song of the year by a new artist in 2011.

Mann is currently recording his new EP, set to be released later this year.

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