Mann: New EP inspired by Depeche Mode, Portishead and Garbage

One of Vancouver’s favorite Latinos Mann has been a busy guy lately working in several projects including the online phenomenon  The Cyber Academy 2012, and the Zulu Award nominated series Paradise Tur-Retur. The singer of “Olvidado” sat down to talk to Aedon Music about his highly anticipated EP. It is been over a year since his third studio album Ecstasy came out, and according to Mann, “a lot has changed.”

Aedon Music: Mann, where have you been lately?

Mann: Working non-stop in Film Productions and finishing the EP. On top of that I became part of Canadian history by accident here in the West coast. I enrolled the first Art program ran by four institutions here in British Columbia, and I’m gonna be working on a show for Push Festival 2013 for the next nine months. It’s like being pregnant, and then giving birth to a show.

Aedon Music: And what’s the show about?

Mann: I have no idea. We are 25 people from different disciplines working together. It’s too early to tell. Expect artsy and weird. Just like the music I’m hoping to do in the future. (laughs)

Aedon Music: The EP is coming out later this year. “From The Start” is darker than anything you’ve done. Is the whole record like that?

Mann: Yes and no. It’s very electro-rock. Influenced by late 90’s music. I’ve been listening to a lot of Portishead, Garbage and Depeche Mode lately. I am a huge Depeche Mode fan actually, I even played a cover by them on my second tour.

Aedon Music: What’s on your ipod right now?

Miike Snow, Janelle Monae, KAUF. I just got the new album by Adam Lambert, it’s pretty good too. That’s what I remember right now.

Aedon Music: This is new for Mann, you usally did your own thing musically, right?

Well, yes. I mean, a lot has changed. I need to keep growing as an artist. I am working with Murray Yates, which brings a brand new horizon to my music. He’s producing amazing bands right now, Caught Crimson and ReVaulter are some of them. The guy is a genius. Every song we do, he turns it into gold.

Aedon Music: How’s it working with him?

Mann: Oh, great. I mean, he is very patient with me! I am super picky when it comes to having everything perfect, and I know that can be exhausting sometimes. He listens to the demos I bring and then he turns it into hit singles. It’s also great having time to work on the songs, as opposed to doing them all at once within a time frame.

Aedon Music: And you’re releasing a preview of a song on June 3rd, right? What’s that song about?

Mann: Yes. It’s called “The Door” and it talks about destructive relationships. This EP explores dark territories in my life, especially compared to everything I’ve done. It gets to the guts of things, you know? This song is about how you’re there for someone you care about even though that person keeps dissappointing you. The door is sort of a metaphor and a literal meaning of welcoming that person back no matter what.

Aedon Music: Is it based on a true story then? Who are we talking about?

Mann: It is, like every song in the EP. It was a great friend of mine that was in a really bad place in his life, and he couldn’t get it together for a while. I was trying to help him even though it was exhausting at times. But he’s doing better now. I guess I owe him the song. (laughs)

Aedon Music: What about the duet? You keep the mystery going.

Mann: Yes. Well, the duet is still not a closed deal. There are many people in the middle of this, and we need to get through all of them before we can actually record the song. But yes, there is definitely someone in mind, and she is one of the best singers Latin America has to offer right now. I want it to happen as much as you guys do.

Aedon Music: Any music videos soon? You didn’t do any for Ecstasy.

Mann: Actually I did two videos for that album, but we didn’t release them at the end. Yes, I am in talks with my video-partner-in-crime Charles De Jesus. I love his work, he did a music video for me in the past, and photoshoots. He is brilliant. We are throwing ideas at the table right now, and they are amazing. We are hoping to shoot something in the next month or so.

Aedon Music: Are you touring Mexico soon?

Mann: Yes, eventually. Not soon, but after the show at Push Festival I am hoping to promote the EP. I want to release each song every two months or so before it comes out. Stay tuned!

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